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Old 03-07-2017
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Default Isro Server integration March 21, 2017

Hello, this is Silkroad Online.

We would like to announce that we will proceed with the sever integration for the population adjustment.
With this, we expect that the unbalanced population problem will be resolved and our users would be able to enjoy all the Silkroad contents.
We will do our utmost to stabilize the servers after the integration.

This announcement is intended to provide an initial guide for our users regarding the server integration.

We will provide a more detailed announcement and an official Server Integration Guide in the future.

To avoid any inconvenience or loss during the server integration, please refer to the guide below, the Server integration Guide will also be posted soon.

1. Server integration plan
>> Time of Completion: March 21, 2017

2. Target server

>> Target Server Name : Artemis + Dionysus
>> New Server Name after integration : Bellona

>> Target Server Name : Athena + Chronos
>> New Server Name after integration : Ceres

>> Target Server Name : Hades + Selene
>> New Server Name after integration : Feronia

>> Target Server Name : Nemesis + Hermes
>> New Server Name after integration : Flora

>> Target Server Name : Oceanus + Themis
>> New Server Name after integration : Minerva

3. Server integration policy

1) Character
If there are similar character names during the server integration, name change will be necessary and based according to the following criteria: Character Level, EXP, and latest logout time.

2) Character slot
For a limited time, maximum characters that can be transferred to the merged server are 20 characters. After 3 months, the top 4 characters will only remain in the integrated server.
Additional characters will be deleted automatically after the 3-month grace period. Character deletion will be based on Character level, EXP and latest logout time.
So please delete other characters aside from the four main characters that you will further use.

3) Storage
Two storages will appear when you open the storage after server integration. One is the old storage where you can withdraw the items from your previous server while the other one is new storage which you will use to store and withdraw items in the merged server.
Please be reminded of that the old storage will be deleted after 3months from the server integration so we recommend our players to withdraw all the items from old storage prior to the deletion.

4) Guild
Upon server merge, Guild information will be retained after the server integration. However,
If the names of the guilds overlap or are identical to other guild during the server integration, only one guild will keep the name and the others are subject to renaming.

Guild Level, guild point and guild foundation date will be considered for the decision and the guild masters will be authorized for renaming it.

Guild and Union emblems will be reset. Guild/union emblem registration items will be provided to all guild/union masters during the server integration.

5) Job
If integrated server’s character has different job, only one determined job will remain and the other will be deleted. Job level, job EXP, job rank will be considered in order.

6) Job Alias
The entire job alias name will be initialized. Please rename it on the integrated sever.

7) Academy
Academy information will be retained, but total ranking will be modified again after the integration, based on the honor points.

8) Fortress war
The winner of the last fortress war which will be proceed right before the server integration will be able to collect the taxes till the server integration day. But the fortress occupier information will be reset together with server integration, and the first occupier of the fortress will be decided by the first fortress war after the server integration.
- Final Fortress War : Mar. 12th
- Tax collection of Fortress War : Mar. 13th ~ Mar. 20th

9) Consignment
All consigned items and unclaimed gold from the sales before the server merge will be retained.

10) Pet & fellows
The entire pet & fellows name will be initialized and can be renamed on the integrated server.

11) Community
Friends list will be initialized during the server integration.
All messages in the message box will be deleted.
Community block settings (whiper block, incoming friend request block, incoming guild invitation block,
incoming trade block, Party matching Block, Message Block) will be initialized.

Thank you.
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Old 03-07-2017
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it will take FOREVER to get in now
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Old 03-07-2017
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If we're lucky they will change the capacity back to what it originally was.
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Old 03-21-2017
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today Server integration start lets see what happen

all remember u need change server name in your config folder
u can copy this script in .bat or .cmd or dl the attachment
@echo off
Setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

Set "Pattern=Artemis"
Set "Replace=Bellona"

For %%# in ("*.json") Do (
Set "File=%%~nx#"
Ren "%%#" "!File:%Pattern%=%Replace%!"

For %%# in ("*.db3") Do (
Set "File=%%~nx#"
Ren "%%#" "!File:%Pattern%=%Replace%!"
Set "Pattern=Artemis" (oldserver)
Set "Replace=Bellona" (newserver)
run it in config folder


or check
Attached Files
File Type: rar servernamechanger.rar (256 Bytes, 22 views)

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Old 03-23-2017
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I'm going to give it a few weeks, but at this rate, it's not worth staying playing iSRO or SRO-r both are 100% all the time, if something doesn't change thought it's no fun, going to play and finding out, well too may people want to play, you must pay to play.
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