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Old 06-23-2012
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Default Silkroad Server Merge - New Servers

Here's a list of the old server names and what they were merged into.

Venus, Saturn -> Aquarius
Odin, Hercules -> Aries
Poseidon, Zeus -> Bootes
Persia, Alexander -> Centaurus
Pacific, Eldorado -> Cetus
RedSea, Tibet -> Corvus
Oasis, Athens -> Delphinus
Sparta, Rome -> Eridanus
Olympus, Alps -> Fornax
Greece, Venice -> Gemini
Troy, Aege -> Hydrus
Caspian, Xian, Babel -> Lepus
Tigris, Gaia, Malazgirt -> Lyra
Petra, Pluto, Uranus -> Mensa
Mars, Mercury -> Norma
Eos, Helios, Titan -> Orion
Hera, Neptune -> Pavo
Iris, Phoenix -> Reticulum
Apollo, Ares -> Serpens
Genesis, Argos, Aral, Mena -> Taurus
Azteca, Maya -> Vela
Aquarius, Lyra -> Athena
Aries, Reticulum -> Artemis
Bootes, Serpens -> Chronos
Centaurus, Pavo -> Dionysus
Cetus, Norma -> Hades
Corvus, Mensa, Taurus -> Hermes
Delphinus, Hydrus -> Nemesis
Eridanus, Lepus -> Oceanus
Fornas, Gemini -> Selene
Orion, Vela -> Themis
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