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Old 06-26-2011
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Default Debian Dante Server (SOCKS)

I've seen quite a few questions about where to get a socks proxy server that is reliable and also how to set one up.

There are a few ways to get one.
1. Buy a SOCKS proxy from a provider
2. Buy a dedicated server/VPS and set one up yourself
3. Find a public proxy list

I will show you how to set one up on Debian Squeeze. You could create one on Windows but really who uses Windows for a server? You will need to have a basic understanding of the Linux OS.

1. apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
This will make sure the latest version of dante-server will be installed. It will also install the latest updates for all other installed applications.

2. apt-get install dante-server
This will install dante server

3. rm /etc/danted.conf
Delete the dante-server config file.

4. nano /etc/danted.conf
Edit the dante-server config file

5. Paste this (right click if you're in PuTTY)
internal: eth0 port = 1080
external: eth0

method: username
user.notprivileged: nobody

client pass {
  from: port 1-65535 to:

pass {
  from: to:
  protocol: tcp udp
This will allow all users to connect but they must have a username/password in order to use it. You will need to change all instances of eth0 to whatever is on your system. Use the ifconfig command to find out what is available.

6. Ctrl + O then Ctrl + X
Save and exit nano.

7. /etc/init.d/danted restart
Restart dante-server

8. Create a new user.

9. Test it with phBot!
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